1 How to Get Sales Leads Easy as One, Two, Three

How to get sales leads is as easy as one, two, three.How to Get Sales Leads Best Lead Generation Tools


Number one – referral partners

Number two – groom them.

Number three – communication, education, and reward.

Referral partners are essential in how to get qualified sales leads.

That’s right, qualified sales leads!

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Using Video on Websites Powerful Way to WOW

Best Lead Generation Tools

Using video on websites gives your customers and prospects the one thing they want.

What is that one thing?

Using Video on Websites Happy CustomerTo be treated as if she or he is the only one who matters at the time when interacting with your business, organization, or service.

Each of us has experienced unbelievably poor customer service.

And, we have each experienced the WOW of really good customer support.

Using Video on Websites

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2 Best Lead Generation Tool What You Need to Know

Best lead generation tool gives people serious about building their business, growing their network, getting more sales, or getting more donors an edge.

Best Lead Generation Tool

Best Lead Generation Tool Get Results Now

Rethink Your Role

In a Success Tips Ezine about best lead generation tool, I wrote “If you are a commission salesperson, then you are operating a business.

The idea was to think like a business owner.

I suggested salespeople rely too heavily on their employer’s marketing plan for lead generation.

The suggestion that sales people ought to play a more active role in finding their own prospects resulted in a deluge of emails. Some not so positive Continue Reading