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Best Lead Generation Tool Think Like An Owner

Best lead generation tool gives people serious about building their business, growing their network, getting more sales, or getting more donors an edge.

Rethink Your Role

In a Success Tips Ezine about best lead generation tool, I wrote “If you are a commission salesperson, then you are operating a business.

The idea was to think like a business owner.

I suggested salespeople rely too heavily on their employer’s marketing plan for lead generation.

The suggestion that sales people ought to play a more active role in finding their own prospects resulted in a deluge of emails. Some not so positive!

Best Lead Generation Tool Think Like an Owner

As a commission salesperson, here is the gold in “…you are operating a business…”  Think Like an Owner!

Consider this.

Monday morning you arrive to start your sales day. Friday was payday. Your commissions are up-to-date. It is now day one in a new commission period. You have zero dollars in your commission account.

Guess what. It is the same for your employer.

Until a sale is made, there is no new deposit in the owner’s bank account either.

To change your financial position, to get commission dollars in your earnings account, you need to close a sale.

Getting your next sale starts with prospecting.

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Prospecting Defined

Prospecting for sales opportunities is critical for survival.

Businesses cannot survive without new sales. Commission sales people will starve without new sales.

Salespeople and sales managers often have a difference of opinion on just what prospecting for potential business is.

From a commission salesperson point-of-view, here is what sales prospecting is NOT.

It is not scoring a prospect who comes to your store or business.

It is not taking an incoming call from a potential customer.

It is not working an internet lead.

In fact, it is not even following up on a phone-call or internet lead that your sales manager or automated system handed you.

You Lucked-In

In each of the above, these potential buyers came to you. You just happened to be the one to get them. You lucked-in.

In other words, you now have a sales opportunity because of corporate marketing.

You have this prospect NOT because of something you did.

Real Definition of Lead Generation

For you, the commission salesperson, the real definition of lead generation is you doing something that:

  • uncovers potential buyers and
  • causes them to specifically look for you.

Prospecting Is An Action

Prospecting is an action.

As in all activities you need the right tools. Put those tools to work for you. You will be more productive and a lot less stressed.

Prospecting is all about working smarter, not harder.