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Welcome to Best Lead Generation Tools

My name is Jeffrey.

In 1990, I switched from managing my prospect and customer list, Rolodex and paper-based format, to digital. That was one of the best return-on-investment decisions I ever made.

But it wasn't an easy transition.

I had to discipline myself to ensure every business card, every scrap-of-paper, anything with a contact's information was added to the database. I knew keeping prospect and customer contact information was important. But I wasn't a 100% clear on how this was going to be any better than my Rolodex. Wow. I was in for a surprise!

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, was in its infancy.  In fact, at that time, for most people in sales, sales management, and marketing, computers were still a novelty.

That was more than 2 decades ago. Today, there is a contact manager in most people's pocket. Plus, managing our sales, networking, and business digitally, as well as our life, is in the cloud.

Over the years, I excelled in managing my contacts and growing my sales through CRM. Today, Relationship Management is no longer just about business. CRM is about life.

In 2008, I launched my first website. It focused primarily on belly-to-belly selling skills, productivity, and implementing user friendly CRM.

Those same skills are important today. What has changed is the medium to attract and stay front-and-center in the mind of prospects and customers.

Best Lead Generation Tools, my services, is for you if you want to get more prospects, more referrals, more opportunity.

I can especially help you if you are a small business, entrepreneur, network marketer, or work on commission.

How Can I Help

I help motivated Commissioned Salespeople, Automobile Salespeople, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Arrangers, Business Owners, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.

I help you by showing you how to ...

  • get more leads and referrals,
  • stay positively connected with your existing customer base,
  • be more productive, proactive, and profitable.

Together, I show you how to take advantage of CRM, e-marketing tools like autoresponders, video in text, video in email, e-newsletters, and more. I show you how to put technology to work for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

And, we do all of this, and more, without breaking the bank!