Best Video Tool Get Customer Testimonials and Customer Endorsements

Best Video Tool Get Customer Testimonials and Customer Endorsements 

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The best video tool to get customer testimonials and customer endorsements is really the secret sauce in getting quality customer testimonials.

What is important is you need to make it easy for the customer to give you a video endorsement. Plus, the customer needs to feel comfortable and not pressured.


How The Best Video Tool Makes It Easy 

In ​Part 4 of the series, Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I mapped out how to prepare your new customer to give you a video testimonial. And, you saw how to write a script that the customer would be comfortable with.

Customer Testimonial Example

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Now it’s time for lights, camera, action. It’s time to get the video testimonial.

The best option is to get the video endorsement just before the customer drives off. But this is not always possible. And, occasionally, a customer might say “Let me think about it.

When you do not get a video testimonial at time of delivery, you absolutely need an easy follow-up strategy for the customer to do the video endorsement and send it back to you. More on this later.

Rehearse, Find a Quiet Spot 

The paperwork is done. You are now ready to hand the keys over to the customer. It is time to do the video testimonial.

  1. Once you and the customer have finished the script on the Customer Endorsement Script Sheet, hand the sheet to the customer.

  2. Ask the customer to read the script back to you. This is a rehearsal. Make any necessary changes.

  3. With your smartphone in hand, ask the customer to follow you. Pick a quiet spot in the showroom or on the lot. Preferably a location away from other people, distractions and noise.

  4. Open your video recording app. Ask the customer if they would like to read the Customer Endorsement Script Sheet again.

  5. Then, have the customer look at you and tell their story. You record it. Maximum 30 seconds.

The video does not have to be perfect. It has to be natural. Laughter is natural. Mistakes are natural. What is important is people get a good sense of why the customer bought from you and who you are.

What If The Customer Would Like To Think About It 

Occasionally a customer will say, “Let me think about it.” All is not lost. Although preferable to do the video while the customer is at the dealership, the best video endorsement tool allows the customer to easily send you a video testimonial from wherever they are comfortable.


In the final part of this series, Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I will show you 11 marketing and personal branding actions you can take with customer endorsement videos. This is another reason BombBomb is the  best video tool to get customer testimonials and endorsements.


14-Day Trial - Easily Get Customer Testimonials

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