Get High Impact Customer Endorsements Influencing Ready To Buy Prospects

Customer Endorsements Best Lead Generation Tools

Customer endorsements, commonly referred to as customer testimonials, are absolutely essential.


Because more than 80% of people trust recommendations of friends, family, and people they know.


In fact, potential buyers have more trust in complete stranger recommendations on social media than they do in information shared by the manufacturer.

20 - 30 Second Customer Endorsement

In Part 1 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I mentioned not asking for a customer testimonial is the primary reason why automobile sales consultants do not get endorsements from their sold list.

"A video testimonial is more powerful than a write-up with a picture for a number of reasons…" was the emphasis in Part 2.
Customer Endorsements Best Lead Generation Tools

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Now, in Part 3, we will outline how to have your new customer share their story in a 20-to-30 second video.

The maximum length I recommend is 30 seconds. A person can say a lot in 30 seconds on video. Longer, in this case, is not better. Thirty seconds is the maximum. Done right, it will be academy award material in terms of new sales.

Formula to Get Customer Endorsements That Make A Difference 

The formula to get customer testimonials that will drive more opportunities your way is:

  • at time of delivery,

  • appeal to the customer,

  • show examples,

  • script what the customer could say.

Put these together, done right, you will have endorsements that are relatable, will attract buyers, and can be used on multiple platforms.

Sample High Impact Customer Endorsement 

What do high impact customer endorsements look like? They tell a story. A story that sounds like a mini-drama.

That's right, a high impact video testimony is like a mini-drama. Here is an example ... "Hi, my name is Ben. I bought my first vehicle from Jake at Big Bear Motors. Here's why. I was shopping for a vehicle. I'd been to two other dealerships. Because I am just starting my first job, the sales people at the other dealerships didn't pay me much attention. At Big Bear Motors, I met Jake. He listened to me. He didn't judge. He introduced me to his Business Manager who helped me get approved. I really felt comfortable. That made all the difference. Now I have my first car. Thank you Jake and Big Bear Motors."

Impacting isn’t it. It is not your typical customer endorsement or customer testimony. Jake and Big Bear Motors conquered the dragon. They are the knights in shining armor. You could never get that from a picture of someone standing in front of their vehicle with the caption "Another Happy Customer. Congratulations Bob and Sally on their purchase of a … blah blah blah!"

Testimonies that get results tell a story!

Next ...

In Part 4 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I'll explain in detail how to handle each step in the Formula to Get Customer Endorsements That Make A Difference.

Customer Endorsement Best Lead Generation Tools

14-Day Trial - Easily Get Customer Testimonials

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