Customer Testimonial Example And How To Get Them  

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Customer testimonial examples was the topic I covered for a Dealer Group who started a program of collecting customer video testimonials.

The title of the presentation - The Importance of Customer Testimonials

Fact - most customers will give you a testimonial or endorsement, if asked.

Fact - most salespeople do not ask customers for a testimonial or endorsement!

When it comes to customer testimonials, not asking for one is the primary reason why automobile sales consultants do not get testimonies from their sold list.

Salespeople Miss This Income Opportunity

What is sad is that sales people do not understand the financial importance of a customer testimonial.

The misconception about the purpose of customer testimonials is seen throughout social media.

Customer Testimonial Example

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I see it daily where automobile salespeople post a picture of someone who purchased a vehicle from them. They post this picture thinking it is a customer testimonial example or customer endorsement.

Wrong. So wrong!

Pictures Are Not Customer Testimonial Examples

A pictures of a customer standing outside the dealership next to their new vehicle is not a customer testimonial example.

The picture is simply a picture of someone who bought. It is bragging rights. It is not targeted to get another sale, build the salesperson's reputation, or promote the dealership. It is low impact, if any impact at all, on future business.

Purpose of Customer Testimonials

The purpose of customer testimonials is to provide social proof. It is your new customer validating that you and your dealership are trustworthy and reputable.

Statics show that 80% of buyers trust testimonials. This means they are more likely to shop where people they know recommend.

In other words, properly structured, the purpose of customer testimonials is to influence ready-to-buy prospects to come to your dealership and specifically ask for you.

What does this mean to you as a commission salesperson?

People trust personal recommendations. A picture of the person standing next to their new vehicle does not say why someone should buy from you or at your dealership. It simply says 'Look at me and my new wheels.'


High impact testimonials tell a story. They are like a mini-drama.

In ‚ÄčPart 2 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I will show why customer testimonials or endorsements are more effective and meaningful than a picture of someone standing next to their new vehicle.

14-Day Trial - Easily Get Customer Testimonials

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