High Impact Customer Video Testimonial Tells A Story 

Customer Video Testimonial Best Lead Generation Tools

A customer video testimonial is a high impact endorsement of you and your dealership. In part 1 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I explained how a picture of a customer standing next to their just purchased vehicle is not a high impact customer testimonial.

For clarification, a high impact customer testimonial is one that drives ready-to-buy prospects to your dealership. More specifically, those ready-to-buy prospects come looking for you!

The most powerful customer testimony you can have is a customer video testimonial. Powerful because it is an endorsement of you and your dealership.

A video testimonial is more powerful than a write-up with a picture for a number of reasons.

I'll cover those marketing opportunity reasons in another section. For now consider this. A picture with a caption is limited in impact and application. A customer video testimonial provides you with multiple opportunities to put it the endorsement to work for you.

Why Customer Video Testimonial 

A customer video testimonial is one where the customer shares why he or she bought from you and your dealership.

Their 'why' is the foundation for the mini-drama in the video endorsement.

Customer Testimonial Example

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In other words, a high impact customer testimonial is like a story. It is the story of someone shopping for a vehicle, the challenges faced, and how you and your dealership championed those challenges.

Why Video Wins Over A Photo

Consider this, if you were in the market for a vehicle, which would more likely motivate you to go to the dealership where your friend bought:

  1. a picture of your friend standing beside a vehicle smiling and holding a bear, or

  2. a 20-to-30 second video of your friend sharing why she bought from that salesperson and dealership?

Okay, if you want a bear number one might be more inviting. Reality is number two will drive more opportunities to you and your dealership.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Those thousand words are left up to the viewer. 'Wow, Jennifer has a new car. Good for her.' is not the message you want.

The purpose of customer video testimonials is to build credibility for you and your dealership.

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Statistics demonstrate that more than 80% of ready-to-buy prospects trust recommendations from people they know.

What's Next

In part 3 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I'll list the easy steps to get high impact video endorsements from your customers.


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