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The formula to get customer testimonials that will drive more opportunities your way is:

  • at time of delivery,

  • appeal to the customer,

  • show examples,

  • script what the customer could say.

In preparing to ask for the endorsement, look on it as if you are producing a mini-drama. People relate to other people who overcome an obstacle to get what they were after.


What makes for customer testimonials that get results?

Personal real life stories. Stories people can relate to.

What makes for a truly amazing story?

The ordinary everyday stuff that resonates with people on an emotional level.

Putting The Get Customer Testimonials Formula to Work 

Putting the customer testimonials formula to work is simply following these 4 easy steps.

Customer Testimonial Example

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Step 1: At Time of Delivery

To get customer testimonials, you need to start with giving the customer a reason why they should endorse you and the dealership.

This step has three stages.

Step 2: Appeal to The Customer  

To get customer testimonials, you need to start with giving the customer a reason why they should endorse you and the dealership.

This step has three stages.

Stage 1: Feedback

Ask the customer if you could have done anything differently that would have made the shopping experience even better. Be sincere. This is important for future sales. And, it is imperative the customer know that you really want this feedback.

When you ask the question, pull a notepad from you desk drawer. Don’t have the notepad on your desk ahead of time. Ask the question. Pause and pull out your notepad. Then, with pen in hand, look at the customer and wait for an answer.

Following this order allows the customer a few seconds to gather their thoughts and demonstrates that you want the feedback.

Some customers will make a suggestion or two. Some will not. Regardless, have your notepad ready and pen in hand to take notes.

Doing this in this order is important as it sets up what comes next.

Stage 2: Reciprocity Principle

The Reciprocity Principle in its simplest form says that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep seated urge to do something nice for them.

In this case, asking the customer for feedback and demonstrating that you value their input, gives the customer a sense of recognition and authority. Essentially, you have just done something nice.

This sets up your ask.

Stage 3: Video Testimonial  

Before asking for a video testimonial, thank the customer for their feedback and business.

Mention that as a commission salesperson what customers have to say about you is more important than anything the dealer could ever say.

Tell the customer that other people shopping for a vehicle believe their personal and social media friends more than they believe the car salesperson. This is why testimonials are very important.

Looking at the customer, tell her you would really appreciate if she would do one for you. Maintain eye contact as you do this.

A script would look like this: “Ellen, in a few minutes you will be driving away in your new car. Tell me, is there anything I could have done differently that would have made this shopping experience better for you?” … reach for notepad, get pen, look at customer, take notes, ...

“Thank you. Your insight will help me down the road.  Ellen, you probably know this already but as a commission salesperson what customers have to say about me is very important. In car sales there are many not so good characters. Unfortunately, we all get painted with the same brush.  Ellen, I would really appreciate if you would do a video testimonial and share a few words about me….

Step 3: Show Examples of What Others Said

Step three, show examples of what others said, should flow right from step two.

Example: “...Ellen, I would really appreciate if you would do a video testimonial and share a few words about me. What people have to say about my service makes a big difference. Here is an example of what Brad had to say… And here is Julie …

The reason to show at least two examples is so your new customer can relate to exactly what it is you want. Plus, seeing other customers sharing their testimony will instill confidence in your new customer.

Step 4: Script What The Customer Could Say 

After watching at least two testimonials, suggest to the customer what might make a good video testimonial for her.

Notice I say ‘... suggest …’ and ‘... could …’ and not should. There is a difference. What is important is that the customer needs to be able to relate to the story. It has to be their endorsement.

You can help the customer select what would be good wording. But they need to own it. And it has to be relevant to your relationship with this customer.

Here is how to go about sourcing a relevant topic for this customer testimonial.

Example, “Ellen, remember after our test drive, when we were back at the dealership, I offered you a coffee.(pause) Remember we were chatting and you mentioned you had been to other dealerships.(pause) What was it you said? Something like you found the salesmen a little too pushy. Do you think you could share that in a twenty-to-thirty second video?

Note: It is important to mention in detail how the example came about. You do this to jog the customer’s memory. It is important that the customer be able to sense the moment of the testimony you want shared. They need to own it. That is the only way the testimony will come across as authentic.

Often, at this point, customers say something like, “Oh yeah. But I’m not quite sure how I would put that in words.” or something to that effect.

Regardless of what the customer says, unless it is a flat out no, take out your Customer Endorsement Script Sheet and start filling in the blanks.

The opening and end of your customer’s story is always the same.

Opening: “Hi, my name is (first name only). I purchased a vehicle from Jake at Big Bear Motors. Here’s why.

Body: … tell the story

Close: I really felt comfortable. Thank you Jake and Big Bear Motors."

When you put it all together you have: “Hi, my name is Ellen. I purchased a vehicle from Jake at Big Bear Motors. The reason I bought from Jake is because I felt the salespeople at the other dealerships I went to were too pushy. Jake wasn’t like that at all. He listened to me. I really felt comfortable. And now I have a new car. Thank you Jake and Big Bear Motors.

That’s it. You now have a scripted testimony that the customer owns. It has a story that will resonate with other shoppers. Specifically, you are not a pushy automobile sales consultant. You make people feel comfortable. You listen.


The formula to get customer testimonials that make a difference has several benefits.

First the feedback about a better shopping experience will benefit you and the dealership.

Second, asking the customer for an endorsement of your service provides you with a marketing tool that will draw other customers.

And, third, the last Thank You is going to you. The last thing your new customer does before driving away is complete the video testimonial. “Thank you Jake and Big Bear Motors.

In Part 5 of Customer Testimonial Examples And How To Get Them, I’ll show you the best video tool to use to get customer testimonials. It is the best because of the number of uses it opens up to you.

A video customer testimonial is not simply for your YouTube channel. Done right, there are many applications - email, text, web page, follow up, and more.


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