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​​​​How to Get Sales Leads Easy as One, Two, Three

How to get sales leads is as easy as one, two, three.

Number one - referral partners

Number two - groom them.

Number three - communication, education, and reward.

Referral partners are essential in how to get qualified sales leads.

That's right, qualified sales leads


KISS Key in How to Get Sales Leads

Ever hear the saying the best solution is usually the easiest one?

Or, how about KISS?

Keep It Simple Silly.

There are two requirements to get sales leads.

Have an easy to use platform for storing your contacts.

And consistently work the process.

That is it.

Be consistent in what you do and use a service provider where email, video, audio, web forms, and all of the e-marketing tools you need are on one integrated platform.

How to Get Sales Leads Best Lead Generation Tools
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How To Get Sales Leads

Who are Referral Partners

Who are referral partners?

Referral partners are a hand picked group of people who introduce you to qualified prospects.

Notice the wording:

  • hand picked - you want people who are keen on you, your product, and the reward,
  • group of people - not everyone,
  • qualified prospects - people who are in the market for your product or service.

Where to Find Referral Partners

The primary groups of people to select referral partners from are your sold list and personal network.

The most obvious group is people who already have your product or service.

Side Note: Limit yourself to people you have sold. If you find an existing customer who is bragging on your business and has no ties to any other salesperson, add him or her to your candidate list.

The next group is from your network of acquaintances. You find them in family, friends, bowling league, church, etc. Additionally, it is not uncommon for sales professionals to join networking groups, like BNI.

Difference Between Referral Partners and Others Who Give You Leads

The difference between referral partners and others who give you leads is the quality of the lead.

Friends and customers might call you with a lead. They will say something like "I was talking to Shirley and she says she is looking for a new ..." Or, "Bob mentioned that his ... has issues. He might be looking to replace it."

They are not quality leads.

SIDE NOTE: I am often asked if I would follow-up on leads like the above. My answer, 'Absolutely.' I would at least make a call. And, I would let the person who contacted me know the result of that call. Why do this? First out-of-courtesy to the person who took the time to call me. Second because I want to encourage everyone to send me leads. Not calling back with an update could very likely discourage the person from calling me with future leads. The third reason I would get back to the person who gave me the lead is because he or she might be a future candidate for my referral partner team.

Groom 10-to-12 Referral Partners

How to get sales leads starts with a goal. Your target is to groom 10-to-12 people who will consistently send you leads.

For clarification, regularly means at least one quality lead or referral every other month.

Why only target 10-to-12 people as referral partners? Why not more?


You will be investing time in educating and communicating with this special group. You are out-of-pocket, if you are not getting a return on that time.

 More Prospects. More Referrals. More Opportunity!!

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