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Hold gross. Sell more. Have fun!Imagine if everyday could be like that.So why isn’t it? Why is it a challenge for automobile salespeople to hold gross, sell more, and have fun?Did you hear these?The economy’s down. There are fewer walk-ins. The internet is playing havoc.I get it. I’ve been there. Waited hours for a fresh-up… nothing.

Sell or Be Gone

One day, my Manager called me into his office. The top income earner, I mean six figures income, was standing by his desk.

Jeffrey, I want you to spend a week with Cameron. If you are serious about selling cars, he has agreed to show you how.

I immediately recognized what my manager was saying.

It was an olive leaf. Start selling or start packing.

Sell or be gone.

I chose to shadow Cameron.

Day 1: 8 AM Morning Shift

When I met with Cameron the next morning, my first question was going to be “How do you hold gross and still sell as many as you do?

But I got distracted. The first thing I noticed was how clean Cameron’s desk was.

Mine was full of scraps of paper with prospect names, scribbled worksheets, a spreadsheet of orphan customers, spec-sheets, and other stuff.

Hold Gross Best Lead Generation Tools

Okay, I thought, he probably pushes everything into a drawer before leaving each day.

Not so.

Okay then, you probably enter all your leads into the Dealer system. That’s why no paper notes and stuff. I quickly learned that was partially true. He followed store policy about entering all leads and prospects into the DMS. But he also entered each of them into his own contact database.

My First Lesson to Hold Gross

That raised my first question to him. “Cameron, why duplicate the work? Isn’t it enough to just have them in the store database?

My first lesson: “Jeffrey the store DMS is great. But it is not a true relationship management system. I follow store policy and, yes, it might seem like I am duplicating my work. But through the system I use, I am alerted when a prospect opens an email. I can email or text a video walk-around. I can create a birthday, anniversary, holiday greeting, or sold vehicle follow-ups once then schedule them and forget about them. I can send a video email request for a testimony and the person I am emailing only needs to click the record icon in my email to record their video testimony that comes directly to me. I can then post it on my Facebook page. YouTube, or anywhere with just one click. The store system meets the needs of what management wants. My system meets my needs of staying connected and moving more steel across the curb.

“Wow.”, I said, “That relationship management thing must be expensive.

Not really.” said Cameron. “Around $50/month.

Must be difficult to learn then?”, I asked more as a statement than a question.

If you can send an email or text and create a video with your smartphone, then you have all the skill you need. It isn’t difficult at all.” Cameron replied. And besides, because of the relationships I build with my contacts, that helps me hold gross.

Interesting, better relationships result in being able to hold gross!

It was getting close to Cameron’s shift on the floor so we headed to the showroom.

Showroom Floor Time

At our Dealership, we work in teams of 4. Policy is that one team member must be available to greet everyone who comes into the Dealership. If it is an opportunity or if the team member has to go on-the-lot, the next team member in line has the floor. But all team members need to be present as lot traffic varies. We continue this rotation until our floor-time is over and the next team is up. This repeats twice a day.I’ll share the specifics of how Cameron handled fresh-ups and internet leads in another post. And I will also share Cameron’s view on managing lot traffic. Not everyday is the same. More on that later.