Keep customers coming back is the gold nugget of car sales. Automotive sales is much more than standing in the showroom waiting for the next up!

Automotive Sales How To Connect, Convert & Keep Customers

What does it take to connect with car buyers?

And beyond connection, how do you convert?

How do you get people to say “yes” – to you and to the opportunity you provide?

Once you’ve delivered the vehicle, how do you keep the customer?

How do you get more online reviews, repeat sales, and referrals?

How do you get the maximum return on your investment of time?


It all takes relationship.

It sounds a bit cliche, but it is as true today as it has ever been.

You need to build and maintain that “know, like, and trust” dynamic.


Buyers want this connection with you and your dealership. As their automotive sales contact, buyers want someone who will listen to what they want.

In automotive sales, when you approach each opportunity as more than just a chance to “close a deal,” you are making a life cycle approach.

When you approach each person from a relationship perspective, you will give yourself the opportunity to repeatedly deliver value and get a return on that investment time and time again.

The super-simple action plan is this:

  • Truly respect people
  • Think long term, not just quick sale
  • Align your asks with their needs

Let’s look at these three concepts in more detail.


As you well know, the automotive sales arena has changed. It is no longer about providing the data and inventory; your customers have access to it all.

Today, in automotive sales, selling vehicles is about personal connection, unique differentiation, and excellent service.

For life cycle marketing, you need to become a trusted advisor – someone buyers connect with, trust through the purchase, and return to with referrals and for repeat purchases.

Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again and Again

You can make these life cycle touches before, during, and after the sale by traditional means – email, phone, direct mail, other.

However, as an automotive sales professional when you make your contacts with simple, one-to-one videos, you are communicating in a clearer, more inviting, and more personal way.

Regardless of where you are at in your automotive sales career today, there is always opportunity to learn more.

Selling cars is not a static career. It is dynamic, always changing. As a sales consultant, when you chose to stop learning, that is a conscious decision to cap your earning potential.